Petits pâtés

This is an adaptation of the recipe of the pâtés lorrains. I have to make them with local ingredients, laziness and limited skills. This is the easy way.

It’s a very old recipe. It seems it was already in the ancient cookbook Le Viandier published in 1392.

The classic ones :
There is a recipe too on this tourism office page.

Day 1 :

For 2 pâtés :
Cut into small cubes 70 g of pork and 70 g of veal (here beef, which is a bigger veal). The meat should have a little fat on it.
Cover with wine, tuck in the mass a laurel leave, a bouquet garni in a bag, 1/2 onion with a small clove, whole pepper seeds.
Cover, refrigerate.

Day 3 – Hour 1

Take away the spices.
Add a shallot finely cut and fresh parsley (here frozen marjoram), salt, a little flour to absorb the excess of liquid.
Prepare 2 kinds of dough (or use some that you buy) :
Under dough : (that should be flour, lard + hot water, salt), I replaced lard by oil and yogurt
The lard dough is more solid and brings a nice “bacon flavor” to the pâtés they sell in shops.
Upper feuilletage : (that should be classic puff pastry, made of butter and flour), I made a quick feuilletage with yogurt and very little butter as… I was finishing the block of butter and I hadn’t checked before. It rained cats and dogs outside. Too bad.

Day 3 – Hour 3

Preheat the oven (220 degree C). Make the pâtés. Paint them with egg yolk. Bake 10 min at 220, then 20 to 30 at 180.

Serve hot ! That can be a first dish when you have guests. Or, with salad, you have a week-day dinner.

This is a little different from those at home, dough is different, veal too.. but that was delicious. A great food for a chilly day !

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