Fresh wasabi Spring rolls



Heat wave lunch ! The weather is cooking us. Wasabi is a refreshing spice, ideal for the season.


A root of wasabi.


Dices of wasabi.


Chirimen-jako (small dried fish).


Mixed in with natto and tsuyu sauce.


Inside full veggie Spring rolls.


Served with tomato juice.


Corn egg for dinner

This egg is not boiled. It’s raw.

If you have corn milk, you can have corn eggs. Just add agar agar.

I poured the mix in 2 egg holders. Then joined the 2 halves in one.

The second is a tomato egg, of course.

Shape is not so perfect because I f+@#@ed* one half.

So inside it’s cheese.

Great, that went well with the tomato. That’s a funny first dish or mini-meal.

*that meant “failed”. What did you imagine ?

Fuity red animals

Tomato is a fruit. It is good in desserts. And you see a lot of agar-agar. I eat some (a little) every day, to favor digestion in hot season.

So the other day, I made half of those sweet with cane sugar, cinnamon (a little) and strawberry essence.

The seasoning changes everything.

With blueberries and Japanese cherries, that makes a fun small dessert.

Island pharaon’s

Too hot for food shopping. I ate F.L.O. (frozen left overs). Do you recognize the elements ?

Okinawan shiri-shiri drink (today tomato juice + awamori sweet sake + meyer lemon juice + shredded goya)
Okinawan rafute pig trotters with kombu.
Shiri-shiri and trotter lunch, Okinawan style


Organic couscous, moloukhia (reheated with green chilis and chick peas) and quail eggs.
Pain de campagne, moloukhia and ras-el-hanout chick peas…

Cal 694.5 F29.7g C81.0g P29.5g