Random soup


A soup made of all the leftovers :
-purple sweet potato
-cod fish
-jelly fish (preserved in salt, soaked)
-chick peas
-red wine
Simmer, then add Kintoki red carrot and turmeric.


And it’s… delicious indeed.


Steamed kabocha with sesame oil and sesame seeds.


Steamed okra and sudachi lime.


A yummy Winter lunch.


La mer. French sea dishes ( compilation)

Menu to navigate in the sea of French main dishes…

papillote de crystal saumon et pomélo (salmon papillote)
papillote de poisson (white fish)
papillote de poisson vanillée (vanilla fish)

Winter bouillabaisse
Summer bouillabaisse
aioli aux pommes de terre nouvelles (with cod fish)
bourride de limande et amaguri
fish cassoulet
choucroute de la mer (seafood Sauerkraut)

morue parmentière (cod and potatoes)
effeuillée de morue parmentière (cod and potato gratin)

calamars au vin (wine stewed calamari)
calamar à l’armoricaine (calamari stew)

carpaccio de daurade au pamplemousse (grapefruit marinated fish)
pétoncles à la nage (mini scallop soup)
ormeaux au beurre (buttered abalone)
salade tahitienne (Tahitian raw fish)
féroce d’avocat (avocado cod)

sole meunière
Mediterranean grilled fish
saumon vapeur aux algues (steamed salmon)
daurade flambée au pastis (anise baked fish)

Papillote de poisson vanillée – vanilla cream fish papillote

It’s a creamy fish papillote, but a fragrance of vanilla fills the air of its sweetness.

Sweet too, the fresh green peas.

In rice.

Let’s make a papillote :

Cod fish, with sweet paprika powder. Veggies are onion, celery, sweet corn, bell peppers. I “tamed” the onion by cutting it in advance and salting. After 30 minutes I rinsed. The onion is then very sweet. The sauce is a tbs of cream, salt, pepper, more paprika and vanilla essence. That’s what changes everything. Vanilla flavor brings you under the palm tree, on some island full of huge flowers…

Packed. Baked.

Opened. Miam !

Steamed hakusai (napa cabbage).

Da kimchi cod

This is my entry for the cheapest pun in blog post title competition… Well, kimchi fried rice and cod fish for today’s 5-minute lunch.

Simple seared cod fish. And lemon.

A leftover of brown and red rice, stir-fried with kimchi and egg. On top, aonori seaweed.

Celeri stalks cooked with the fish, seasoned with the same lemon.

The meal :
Cal : 419.3 F11.2g C44.9g P40.7g

Home-made Awamori spicy tarako for delicious pasta (via GIO)

LY I made my own fish eggs…

It’s really tasty and much less salty than the commercial version. Of course I can’t store it, but why would I ?

Tarako pasta

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